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Vacationing on Ocean Drive

Vacationing on Ocean Drive is quite a lot of fun because it is one of the most iconic streets in all of America. Ocean Drive Florida has become a place where you go when you want to get the most out of a trip to Miami, and this article explains how you will have the finest time going to Ocean Drive bars and hotels on Ocean Drive in Miami. You may take a walk on this street every day to a number of fun locations, and you must find something that you enjoy most.

Museums, Buildings, Parks, And Beaches

You may go to Lummus Park on Ocean Drive, and you will find the Jewish Museum on the same street. There are many connections to the old history of the city when you are visiting these locations, and you will find that the museums and parks help you feel as though you are in the old days with men playing chess near the water.

The Art Deco District runs between 5th and 15th, and it allows a number of people to see the style that does not exist in other cities. Ocean Drive Miami has spent quite a lot of time ensuring that they preserve the Art Deco buildings in the area, and it proves that the Art Deco style will not die. You may go to any of these places at any time, and you will have quite a lot of fun in each building because you feel as though you have gone to another place.


  • Art Deco buildings often have tours
  • Beaches and parks are relaxing
  • Many things are within walking distance

You may go to an Ocean Drive beach when you want to sit out in the sun for hours, and you will find that each of these beaches will make you feel more comfortable. You will feel better knowing that there are a number of people who frequent these locations. They will help you have a good time because these crowded beaches offer you the atmosphere you are looking for, and you will have many new locations to choose every day.

Eating And Lodging

You may visit a number of restaurants on or near Ocean Drive that will include fine and regular dining. You may go to places such as La Casita where you will enjoy Cuban food, and you may venture farther into the Ocean Drive culture to visit nightclubs and bars such as Rec Room. There are many people who come to Ocean Drive only to eat, and they will find that there is a new place to go every night of their trip.

There are a number of hotels and condos on Ocean Drive that will help you relax and recharge while you are staying in this place. It is fun for you to have access to all the things that Miami has to offer, and they will find that staying on Ocean Drive makes it easy for them to walk everywhere they want. Miami is a large city, and you need not rent a car when you make your way to this location. You may hail a cab at any time because this road is filled with people and activity.

Everyone who wishes to come to Miami will find that they may come to Ocean Drive at any time for help, and they will notice how simple it is to enjoy their stay. They have new options for vacationing every time that they come to Miami, and it is a lovely place to be because it was created for the sunshine loving travel enthusiasts who come there.