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Why Ocean Drive Holds the Best Shopping in Miami


Shopping on Miami’s Ocean Drive is an extraordinary experience. The premier Ocean Drive Shopping District was designed by Tony Goldman in the 1980’s to be the ultimate collection of art, fashion, restaurants, and luxury hotels in Miami Beach. Known for appealing to everyone from the serious art collector; the fashion addict; to the impressionable first-time tourist, Ocean Drive has shopping locations for everyone.

Many people flock to the breath-taking atmosphere of Miami Beach, and choose to either reside in one of the prestigious boutique hotels such as the Betsy Ross Hotel, or rent one of the beautiful vacation rentals in Miami Florida to increase living space. To enjoy all that Ocean Drive has to offer, starting at the North end and working towards the South end would be recommended. Delicious food choices and exclusive shopping are located for Miami Beach visitors of the Art Deco District and create lifelong memories.

Ocean Drive Clothing and Accessory Locations

Trendy, Bohemian, or a head turning business style is available to shoppers. Swimwear and sporty looks for beach play are also plentiful on Miami Beach. Here is a list of some of the shopping choices available while visiting the Ocean Drive Shopping District.

• Shoppes of II Villagio
• Taj By Sabrina Crippa
• Caterina Lucci
• Sugar Factory
• Surf Style

Fine eateries and shops are within a short walking distance from luxury hotels in Miami Beach Celebrities often enjoy the Art Deco District of Miami Beach, while shopping in their favorite boutiques for items they cannot get anywhere else. Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Diddy, Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Beyoncé, and many other celebrities consider the area as their second homes while enjoying the amenities of the luxurious vacation rentals in Miami Florida.

Art That is Loved by All

The Art Deco District is internationally known for its luxury hotels in Miami Beach and the diverse collection of art galleries. People from around the world travel to Miami Beach to view and purchase unique pieces of art. Both critically acclaimed and fresh independent artists display their work in what is considered the prime area of art culture in the Miami area. The hotels in the area also strive to create décor that complements the ideals of the district. Here are three of the art galleries that have established an esteemed reputation in the Miami art scene.

Effusion Gallery is known for being Eclectic and is represented by 40 highly respected artists. HaviArt Gallery was started by Havi Schanz, an Argentinian native who is also a highly respected philanthropist. He has collaborated with Gloria Estefan on a cultural art project. Kennedy Gallery has been created by Michele Richard Kennedy, and the antique replicas of art by Michelle, Robert, and Joe Kennedy are available for viewing and purchase.

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