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Finding the Best Coffee Shops in Miami


You’re in need of that morning cup but you and you friends don’t want to have to travel too far from your vacation rentals in Miami beach. While most luxury hotels in Miami beach will feature their own coffee shops on sight, that does not mean their coffee is the best in the area. Plus, most luxury hotels in Miami beach are not local shops, but are rather the more commercially available kind you could find most anywhere else. You came to Miami to enjoy their local cuisine and that includes their local coffee, so why settle for something you could just get at home? Settle for nothing less than the best that Miami has to offer by going out to explore the different coffee shops or refer to this helpful guide to get you to where you’re wanting to go.

What Do You Love About Coffee?

While the very best coffee shops might be a broad and subjective subject open to personal interpretation, there are ways to whittle down what kind of coffee shop would appeal to you. Besides wanting something close to any vacation rentals in Miami beach you may have rented out among your party, because it is such a subjective experience in choosing a coffee shop that works right for you, you may want to take a few things into consideration and consult with your significant other or those traveling outside with you about their own preferences. Asking the locals could also help greatly in figuring out where would be the best place to visit during your stay, so you aren’t wasting your time on less than exemplary service.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before committing to a local coffee shop in the wee hours of the morning:

  • What are their hours of operation?
  • Does the overall vibe of the shop coincide with your tastes?
  • Are the prices competitive for the quality provided?
  • Do they have a specials menu with some of your favorite flavors?
  • What do the locals say about the shop’s ratings online.

A Taste of Miami Local Shops

Eternity Coffee Roasters has Sunday morning cuppings, in case you’ve ever wanted to try a wine tasting event without the wine. This cupping event allows those involved to enjoy coffee in a way that not everyone can appreciate. This includes sipping, sniffing, and note taking for your coffee. Think your sense of taste is up to the challenge? Fellow coffee obsessed morning birds will find kindred spirits here.

If you’re not one to wake and sip at the crack of dawn, then the All Day coffee shop will be right up your alley. Their doors are open basically any time of the day, so later risers will be woken to the eye popping green neon sign that serves as their menu and can enjoy their own coffee tasting event with their cupping option that includes three different coffees.

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