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Do You Like Vaping? Find the Best Vape Shops in Miami


If you enjoy vaping, there are several vape shops in close proximity to popular Miami Beach condo rentals. Whether you need to purchase a hot new vape device or simply stock up on some delicious e-juice, there’s sure to be a great vape shop near most Miami vacation rentals. If you are like most vapers, you enjoy visiting different vape shops and learning about new devices and flavors. With so many vape products on the market, there’s always something new to discover.

Vape shops also provide a comfortable, judgement-free environment in which to hang out with like-minded people. Many of the vape shops near Miami vacation rentals have lounge areas, pool tables, televisions, and snacks for customers to enjoy. Miami is booming with vape shops, so you’re sure to come across several as you stroll along the sunny shores of Miami Beach. Below are two of the most highly recommended Miami vape shops.

South Vape Vapor

If it’s an authentic, durable vape mod you need, look no further than South Vape Vapor on Washington Avenue. This vape shop near Miami Beach condo rentals and Miami vacation rentals boasts knowledgeable staff, a friendly atmosphere, and a wide selection of products.

The ambiance at South Vape Vapor is highly unique, as the store is located inside an internet café. The prices at South Vape Vapor are reasonable and competitive, and the staff is known for their helpful, no-pressure sales style. South Vape Vapor is open seven days a week and late into the evenings for your convenience. The benefits of South Vape Vapor:

  • Boutique vapor shop
  • Vast array of e-juice, including organic e-juice
  • Authentic mechanical and regulated vape devices
  • Enjoy excellent-tasting coffee while you shop

Vapor Life

Located at 27 SE 1st Avenue in Miami, this is a great vape shop to visit if you venture into downtown Miami from your Miami beach condo rentals. Vapor Life has vapor products for both seasoned vapers and new vapers. Vapor Life offers competitive prices and an excellent section of mods and e-liquid.

The staff at Vapor Life have been widely praised for their excellent customer service and in-depth knowledge of the vaping industry. If you aren’t able to visit downtown Miami, there’s another Vapor Life location on Biscayne Boulevard in the MiMo Historic District, as well as a Vapor Life Vape Shop on Washington Avenue in South Beach. With so many locations, there’s bound to be a Vapor Life vape shop nearby. The benefits of Vapor Life:

  • Authentic mechanical and regulated vape devices
  • Upstairs and downstairs lounge areas
  • Free draft beer for customers on Wednesdays (downtown Miami location)
  • Over 50 flavors to try in each Vapor Life vape shop
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