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Seafood Restaurants in Miami


Miami has always been a great vacation destination with lots of activities to make your visit fun and memorable. From the expansive beaches to a fascinating nightlife, your engagement with Miami Beach will last a lifetime and you will not hesitate to come back for more. Seafood restaurants are spread all over Miami, most of them offering amazing dishes served with a dose of welcoming hospitality. Among the things that will determine the choice of your preferred eatery are neighborhood, preference and budget.

Whether enjoying your time in a Miami beach condo rental or you are here on long-term stay, you have the chance for a great meal. Alternatively, if all circumstances allow, give yourself a treat in the elegant white tablecloth places where a glass of wine is an accompaniment. Simply put, your choice of a Miami eatery will leave you satisfied way beyond expectation. Enjoy stone crabs, oysters, conch fritters or a lobster while breathing in the goodness of the surrounding sea.


In the 1930s this space was renovated from a gas station. The renovators left intact the floor-to-ceiling windows that allow the penetration of light onto the posh banquettes and tablecloths. Just as the range of dishes offered here is wide, so is the range of customers. Locals flood this joint to grab an oyster or any other delicacy, while business gentlemen will pop in to impress a client here. It is a combination of both casual and classy adventure which is best for a short term rental Miami Beach.

Mignonette has classified their menu into:
• Plain
• Fancy
• Super Fancy

They also have a seafood tower that offers a mix of just about anything from clams, oysters, shrimp and crab cocktails, lobster tail and crab legs.

Garcia’s Seafood Grille & Fish Market

The Garcia’s offer a fascinating view from which you can watch as they unload fish from their boat for the overlooking Miami River.
You can have it well right here with the entire family, and the menu is inclusive of lemon-flavored grilled grouper and of course your choice of fish. For seafood starters, you can take delight in the Caesar salad, spicy conch salad, or grouper chowder. Better still you can try the crinkle fries, coleslaw, grilled veggies or side salad.

It is also an ideal place for a person looking for a short term rental Miami Beach where you can indulge in natural serenity. Enjoy fresh seafood on the outdoor benches or the indoors at the cozy banquettes and also sample the appetizer menu whose list of offers is inexhaustible.

Lobster Bar Sea Grille

This is one great happy hour condo where you can enjoy just about the freshest seafood seven days a week. Your stay in will be well uplifted by this Miami Beach condo rental that has been enhanced by wonderful lighting designs in an enlarged space. It is a spacious well-decorated place for a sizzling appetizing meal and an enjoyable stay.

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