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Reviewing the Best South Beach Miami Restaurants


Miami might appear like a city filled with hipsters wearing offensive t-shirts. However, take a trip to the greener neighborhoods that are South of Fifth, and you are bound to find fancy and artistic restaurants and eateries.

For those who are staying in a Miami Florida vacation rentals and are looking for a fancy meal, then finding a great restaurant in Miami is not a difficult task. The city boasts of a wide variety of seafood restaurants, burger joints, and fine dining restaurants. The luxury hotels in Miami also serve quality food as they look to compete with the other food establishments.

There are two main categories of restaurants in Miami, which are, the vegetarian-friendly establishments and those that serve the best steak and seafood in the area. Thus, if you fall into either category, here is a review of the best restaurants to visit.

Steakhouses and Seafood

For those who feel that their meal is not complete without meat then Stripsteak should be the place to visit. The restaurant features an elaborate design, and it is located in one of the best luxury hotels in Miami, the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel.

The hotel is spacious and features a modern open kitchen. The waiters are also happy to help you with the menu since some of the dishes prepared here are not from the ordinary eatery. This restaurant chain is run by the famous Michael Mina, who is a San Francisco chef.

Although some of the meals here such as the Imperial Shellfish Tower might dent your pocket, they are worth every penny. The restaurant also serves delicious meat dishes such as the Chateaubriand and the filet mignon.
Here is a list of other great restaurants that serve meat dishes:

  • Red, the Steakhouse
  • Joe’s Stone Crab
  • Lure Fishbar
  • Eating House

Some of these restaurants, such as Joe’s Stone Crab, have been around for a long time and have hence perfected the art of making food the Miami way.

Vegetarian Friendly

Many vegetarian restaurants tend to be more hipster and less culinary. However, at the Plant Food + Wine restaurant in Wynwood, the chefs prove that locking out the meat does not translate to lacking flavor. This establishment is run by the celebrity chef Matthew Kenny.

Order the Kimchee dumplings and you are presented with a work of art. The dumplings are wrapped in a coating made from drying coconut, spinach and coriander paste. The dumplings are stuffed with purple cabbage, and they carry a delicious flavor.

Head out of your Miami Florida vacation rentals and over to South Beach, and here you will find Dirt. Not the fanciest name for a food establishment but the name reflects the freshness of the food served at this location. Most of the dishes served here are locally sourced leading to healthier meals. Here you can order a gluten-free meal, paleo-friendly or even vegan.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals with the breakfast menu being full of drinks such as the establishment’s private-label coffee.

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