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Exploring the Vegan Restaurants Miami


Miami, FL, is home to plenty of eateries that both locals enjoy visiting on the regular and the visitors enjoy experiencing while in town and staying in their Miami beach short term rentals. So, how do you separate the winners from the lower end swill in quality vegetarian and vegan cuisine? One way is to look up each individual restaurant’s rating online and still another method would be to read a helpful guide, such as this one. Word of mouth is another way. Try getting to know your fellow Miami experimenters who have also invested in the modern experience of Miami beach short term rentals. There is power in numbers and it’s likely someone will have a helpful suggestion for whatever it is you’re looking for in a vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Figure Out What You’re Looking For

Make a list of what it is you want in your eating experience. Do you need them to deliver to your Miami condo rental or are you planning on eating out? How is the lighting in their restaurant, how far is it from where you are staying, and what is the price range you’re going for here? If you and a group are pitching in on the price, you might be interested in a larger spread type restaurant service.If you are more for the individual experience and the bill will be split between the party or pair, then the type of restaurant you look for will probably differ in a number of ways. Therein also lies the possibility that others in your group – or perhaps your significant other – will disagree on the type of food you eat tonight. Even if you all agree on 100% vegan cuisine, maybe one person would prefer an all American meal while another wants something authentic Italian.

Here’s some aspects to consider when looking for a quality vegan or vegetarian restaurant to stick with:

  • Do they have good reviews online?
  • Will they deliver to your Miami condo rental?
  • Do they serve other types of food besides vegan?
  • Is there someone in your group who is not vegan and would like other options?
  • What kind of vegan food do they concentrate on?

Some Fresh, Low Cost Options for Authentic Vegan Food

While Blue Collar is renown in the Miami area for its succulent prime rib, the meat eaters aren’t the only ones who benefit from this eatery. There are some low cost gems at this hole in the wall. Just about twenty varieties of vegan dishes for around $6.00! Such as their sauteed kale, the hearty sweet potato plantain mash, veggie fried rice, and of course every vegan’s favorite guilty pleasure; roasted artichoke hearts drizzled in olive oil and flavor enhancing seasoning!

Another favorite by both locals and temporary travelers has to be Eden in Eden. It’s the very first French inspired vegan restaurant to grace the busy Miami streets and promises a 100% vegan loving experience in a clean, minimalist environment. You somehow get the French experience without the use of butter, eggs, or cheese!

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