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Places to Stay in Coconut Grove

Summer vacation is here at last, and it is time to take a well- deserved vacation. Why not visit a location everyone loves? Summer is meant to be spent at the beach. So, take a trip to Coconut Grove. Coconut Grove is a small village with an artsy, Bohemian feel. There are a wide variety of activities to do; thus, Coconut Grove is a place that accommodates the interest of many. More so it provides a beautiful aesthetic that most people do not have the privilege of viewing throughout the year.

Who does not love watching the waves crash back and forth while creating a relaxing hum as background music? There is nothing quite like sticking your feet in the salty ocean water on a hot day. Or sunbathing while others are chattering around you in excitement. The beach is the place to be this summer. Coconut Grove Miami is the place to be this summer.

It is important during the process of planning for vacation to select the ideal vacation housing to meet desired needs. The place of residence during summer vacation is almost as important as the destination. Many options for Coconut Grove hotels are available for vacationers.


Coconut Grove Hotels

• Hampton Inn Coconut Grove

Hampton Inn Coconut Grove is a nice balance of proximity, popularity, and affordability. Prices start as low as $89. The hotel includes complimentary breakfast for guests and high speed internet service. For individuals interested in fitness, the hotel includes a 24 hour fitness center and a swimming pool. It is only minutes away from the best malls, top hotels, best universities, the Metrorail Station, and the Miami International Airport.

• Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove

Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove is an upscale, urban style hotel. It includes three featured suites: the City View Suite, the Partial Bay View Suite, and the Ritz Carlton Suite. Prices start at $ 199. The hotel has a 24 hour Cardiovascular and Strength Training Fitness Center, a heated pool, and a garden.

• Sonesta Coconut Grove

Sonesta Coconut Grove is certainly an ideal place to consider for summer vacation. Prices start at $169. Sonesta has good ratings and is on the heart of Coconut Beach allowing easy access to desired sites. It includes discounts for government employees and Florida residents. Furthermore, the hotel includes a fitness center, sauna, business center, pool, sky lounge, and even an area available for a game of squash.

Must Have Items for a Coconut Beach Trip

Planning is a key factor of importance when it comes to a successful summer vacation trip. While preparing for a trip to Coconut Beach vacationers need to be mindful of a few important items to pack for the vacation.

Sunscreen is a must! It is of utmost importance to protect oneself from skin damage when planning to spend hours out in the sun. Damage from the sun can be so detrimental that it can result in a need for medical treatment. Avoid this issue by planning ahead and applying sunscreen. Hats are handy to have at the beach as well. This is also an outlet to aid in avoiding sun damage on one’s face. Umbrellas are also a method of avoiding too much sun. Lip balm, insect repellant, and pain medications are important to have as well while on vacation.

One may also want to bring a water bottle to aid in the process of staying hydrated. It is important to stay hydrated while in the hot sun! The items in a beach packing list are contingent upon the personal needs of a vacationer. Being prepared for a summer vacation in Coconut Grove will improve the overall experience!