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What to do in Miami Beach


Miami Beach is a great place to visit especially if you want to spend a significant amount of your money for fun. The beach has several upscale shopping centers that have a wide variety of unique and expensive things to buy. Some of the favorite places to visit at the shopping centers include; spas and the Lincoln Road Mall. For the lovers of music and dance, there are several bars and clubs that you can visit to entertain yourself.

For individuals who love art and design, they may spend their time to observe amazing art deco architecture. The Bass Museum of Art also has other artworks that are extremely attractive. For those looking for free activities, relaxing on the clean sand is also a great experience. While relaxing, you may take your time to watch people. Most Luxury hotels in Miami are suitable for those who fancy expensive and memorable trips.

Places to Visit for Site Seeing

The Lummus Park is one of the places that you have to visit. This park fits bikini-loving celebrities, sunbathers, and supermodels among others. If you consider a photo shoot, Lummus Park is a beautiful place with beige-colored sand that will make the pictures appear attractive. The Spanish Ancient Monastery has a great history that you want to witness during your visit. Most visitors admire the tranquil monastery because its grounds are serene and quiet. The other important thing to note is that, mass is held at the Monastery each Sunday from 8:00 am. To enjoy more of the sites, you may consider motorbikes for short term rentals in Miami Beach to enhance your visit. The Luxury hotels in Miami will make your stay more enjoyable from a wide variety of food and comfort facilities they offer.

Other top places to visit include;
• South Pointe Park and Pier
• The Bass
• Miami Children Museum

Places for Art, Architecture, and Animal Enthusiasts

Miami Beach is characterized by art deco architecture which is evident in storefronts, gorgeous hotels, buildings, and restaurants. The art design is characterized by geometric shapes and bold colors done in the 1920s.The South Beach gives a broad range of such designs. Some of the tours that facilitate seeing such sites include Art Deco Walks and Miami Design Preservation League. The prices for such tours are affordable because they start at approximately $25 per head. Tour cars are available for short term rentals in Miami Beach. The guided tour will enable you to identify the most valuable and attractive places. You may also follow the free route designed by the National Geographic to enjoy such views.

For visitors interested in seeing animals, Jungle Island is a place that they will love visiting. This small zoo was open to the general public since 1936. It is a good place to spend with your family because children will enjoy the site. The Jungle Island also gives visitors a chance to feed some animals.

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