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Top Tourist Attractions in Miami Beach


Miami Beach is an unforgettable vacation destination. If sandy beaches and endless sun isn’t enough check out Miami’s world class architecture and modern art district. The food is fresh and cultured, the night life is lively and hip, and the available activities are numerous. To do Florida right, consider condo rentals in Miami beach and experience it as if it’s your own. Many of them with private stretches of shoreline or within walking distance to favorite clubs and diners. There’s nothing like your own vacation rental Miami style to add life to a family reunion, honeymoon, or simple holiday. From the hustle and bustle of Lincoln Road shopping to the tropical serenity of South Pointe Park, you’ll find something to savor during your Miami stay. You can even rent a personal tour guide to take you out on the water. It’s truly a destination worth every effort, and an experience that you can keep forever.

Top Attractions

• Lincoln Road

This mile-long stretch is a pedestrian only mall and it’s packed with popular restaurants, boutiques, bars, and cafes. It’s the heart of the city and home of many attractions including the popular Bachelorette Miami. Located just a block from the beach it’s not difficult to find either on foot, bicycle, or by car. You won’t get board browsing the unique artisan boutiques and tasting some of Florida’s best street food. If you start here, you can easily make your way east to South Beach, or go north and head into the Art Deco District.

• South Beach

Possibly the most iconic tourist attraction in Miami, this stretch of sand features the most luxurious hotels, ocean-side fine dining, and a world renowned beach scene. If white sand crowded with beach bodies is your idea of a good time, South Beach will have it. You may even spot a celebrity or two, as it is a well known destination for the rich and famous. What many don’t know is that it’s also a great destination for everyone. This is a hot spot for condo rentals in Miami Beach, don’t miss out on booking your next holiday here.

• Art Deco Historic District

This South Beach adjacent district is known for its 800 art deco buildings within one mile. It’s the first 20th century neighborhood to be recognized by the National Register of Historic Places. The best way to take in the pastel buildings, porthole windows, and shiny chrome features of the district is to take a walking tour. Or, get your own art deco vacation rental in Miami. Vacation has never looked so inviting.

Vacation Destination

Come to soak up the sun on a private beach outside your vacation rental Miami. Come to shop Lincoln Avenue for the latest and greatest in fashion and art. Or, come to taste Florida’s rich diversity of foods from some of the best chefs in the nation. You won’t be disappointed with what Miami Beach has to offer. The surf is on, the clubs are hot, and the seafood is fresh.

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