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Top 3 Things to do in South Beach Miami


Miami condo rentals will put you in the best place to enjoy all of Miami, and you must ensure that you have visited the three best attractions in the city. You will start with the beach, and you may find vacation rentals Miami that will put you close to the action. You may not realize how large the beach is, and you must walk through each part of it to enjoy the white sands and many hotels.

You will notice that this is a place for stargazing because many celebrities will take trips here for their own vacations. You may run into someone famous, and it is the perfect time to see if you have run across someone who is more famous than you could have ever imagined. Tour the beach from rom one end to the other, and there are many people who will enjoy this place because they may find their favorite bar, restaurant or club that is near the water.

Ocean Drive

You may come down to Ocean Drive any time you like, and you will find that Ocean Drive is blocks and blocks of places that will remind you of old Miami, teach you about history and show you the nightlife you have been looking for. You may come to a few new different clubs, and you will find each of these locations to be interesting:

  • The Art Deco District that lasts for ten blocks
  • The Jewish Museum that gives you a look at the history of the Jewish community in Miami
  • The nightclub district that contains places such as the Rec Room

You may stay on Ocean Drive for hours because it has all the things you need for a successful vacation. You may tour the museums and Art Deco buildings in the day, and you will find that the Ocean Drive area gives you all the nightclubs you need to have a good time. You have calculated the trip to ensure you are having a good time, and you will have something to do every second of the day.

Lummus Park

You may come to Lummus Park from your Miami condo rentals, and you will find that the park is quite expansive as it offers you many chances to have a good time. You may sit down with the people who are playing chess, or you may sit alone so that you may read.

You have as much space and time as you want when you come to this beautiful place, and you must spend your time exploring each part of this park because it is much more interesting than many others of its type. Your trip will be relaxing because you will always have a place to come, and you may bring the whole of the family to this park to picnic or rest.

You may have a good time in vacation rentals Miami that will give you a good time.

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