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Exploring Ocean Drive Miami Beach


Ocean Drive Miami Beach is the place to be especially during the summer vacation season. Ocean Drive Miami is a popular tourist and vacationer site and the atmosphere is indicative of the popularity. This location boasts numerous sites that accommodate quite a diverse crowd of people. The beautiful location includes a wide variety of venue ranging from historical monuments and events, to clubs and bars, as well as eating establishments with a large selection of food. Ocean Drive Miami Beach truly is the ideal place to be this summer.

The vacation lodging options are as diverse as the venue options near Ocean Miami Beach. Various vacation lodging is available to meet each person’s individual needs. This can include hotels that meet the needs of affordability, grandeur, privacy, or any other desired need. Finding ideal Miami Fl vacation rentals to meet personal needs is as important as seeing desired sites while on vacation.

Vacation Lodging

Locating the appropriate vacation lodging near Ocean Drive Miami requires one to assess the top priorities that determine satisfactory vacation lodging. Once an individual has determined what he/she wants in a vacation rental it is important to research to see what is available at the best cost. For individuals contemplating finding Miami Fl vacation rentals a few sites may prove to be of assistance:


These sites include a variety of rental options for a summer stay in Miami, Florida including rental condos in Miami, apartments for rent in Miami, and beach front hotels in Miami. These sites include an option to search depending upon price of rental ( high to low), popularity, and proximity to the ocean. Once individuals have located the ideal rental condos in Miami, apartments, or hotels it is important to research the best sites to see in Ocean Drive Miami Beach.

Places to See in Ocean Drive Miami

The sites are endless in Ocean Drive Miami leaving room for much exploration while on summer vacation. Some areas of night life worth interest are: The Clevelander, Mango’s Tropical Café, and Finnegan’s Way. The Clevelander is a pool bar in the Cleveland hotel that includes Art deco. The Clevelander is a rowdy spot similar to that of a spring break atmosphere. Mango Tropical is a lively location that includes Salsa dancers and Latin music.

Finnegan’s Way is a Gaelic themed sports bar with indoor and outdoor seating. Popular eateries include: Prime 112, Café Nikki, Front Porch Café, and Sugar Factory American Brasserie. Prime 112 is a more upscale lavish restaurant; whereas, Café Nikki has a more relaxed and intimate feel to the environment.

Front Porch Café meets your health and price needs by having a balance of affordability and health. Lastly, Sugar Factory American Brasserie which features all things sugar is the ideal place to take children for a nice treat. For those interested in art these Art décor themed sites are worth visiting: the Webster, the Carlyle, and the Breakwater.

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