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Eating Around the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys have become one of America’s most popular tourist destinations, with thousands of people visiting there each year. The Florida Keys are known for many things, such as it’s world famous Key Lime Pie, and it’s laid back style of island living. Tourists want to know where they can find the best restaurants in the Florida Keys. Due to the influx of different ethnicity, the Keys have become a hot spot for culturally diverse restaurants and cuisine.

Here we can will tell you about restaurants in these areas:

  • Cedar Keys
  • Key West
  • Siesta Keys

Cedar Keys

For most tourists, this is there first time to the islands and they aren’t familiar with the local restaurants. If they are looking for Cedar Key Florida restaurants, for example, then definitely go to Tony’s Seafood Restaurant for a relaxing, rustic spot. They have the best clam chowder in the world, because of their ocean-side location. With the ocean at their doorstep, they have access to the freshest seafood in town. Each piece carefully cooked to keep the integrity of the fresh ocean flavor.


Another restaurant that you should try id you are in the Cedar Keys area is Cedar Key Pizza. It can be a tiny restaurant, but not only do they have amazing pizza, but they also have an accommodating staff who are well known for their friendliness and impeccable customer service.

Key West

If you are visiting the Key West area, you may want to check out the most popular Key West Florida restaurants. In Key West, the most popular restaurants is The El Siboney Restaurant. They serve Cuban, and Caribbean cuisine. It is highly acclaimed for its authenticity and is a top Cuban restaurant. The theme inside is laid back and casual.

All the meals are handmade are served in the traditional family style of Cuba. This restaurants are tucked away in a residential area, so it is not easy to find, but it is well worth it. This is the place to go for anyone who wants to try authentic Cuban cuisine. One of their popular dishes is the Paella Valenciana, which customers must call ahead if they wish to order it.

One shouldn’t leave Key West without trying one of their very famous Italian restaurants. La Trattoria Restaurant has an impressive four and a half stars,and is a classic, sit down, Italian restaurant. While the rest of the islands restaurants are laid back, this is a step back into the world of “fine dining”. Perfect if you want to enjoy an upscale dining experience and a one of a kind Italian meal.

Siesta Keys

Last but not least, there are a number of good Siesta Key Florida restaurants that you can look into. The Old Salty Dog, on Ocean Boulevard, is the perfect place to grab a quick bite. They have bar foods like beer battered hotdogs, fish and chips, and other comfort foods in the style of a British pub. So feel free to stop in for a bite and bring your canine friend along. This represents the laid back and welcoming atmosphere that you will find all around the Florida Keys.

If you are in the Siesta Keys and would like something more upscale or you are trying to find a more romantic vibe for a date, then Ophelia’s on the Bay is the perfect place to go. It is an elegantly designed seafood restaurant with giant windows facing the ocean. Nothing is as relaxing as having a professionally prepared meal of the freshest fish, while looking out through the windows at the breathtaking view of the ocean waves ebbing and swaying against the horizon.

No matter where you are in the Florida Keys, you can find great restaurants with a cornucopia of cuisines. Just remember to take in the island life, relax and enjoy everything the Keys have to offer.